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An “online/offline mystery game” for middle schoolers, spanning 8 weeks, and teaching the scientific method and “problem solving through science.”

Visit the About page to learn more. About | Vanished

No museum needed, but scroll down on the About page for a list of participating museums, including the Putnam Museum in Davenport!



For home or class, just plain awesome!

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I heard about window farming on NPR today. While I have a very large yard, it is also very shady. I really only have a small corner that gets enough sun to grow veggies. This idea caught my attention, because I also have a TON of south-facing windows, which I could use for a window farm! Year-round herbs and leafy greens, here I come!

This would also be a great class science project for elementary school children. It would allow them to see firsthand how plants grow… not to mention it would be a fun craft activity to prepare the bottles and such.

They Might Be Giants, “Here Comes Science”

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I haven’t picked up a They Might Be Giants album for quite a few years. However, I read about this on the Davenport Public Library Kid’s blog, and checked out this video:

I think I’ll be picking this up soon!

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