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February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

For all of you who find this blog because you are searching for the reasons certain books are banned, here are a couple of new ones for you. These two books were both challenged due to “age inappropriateness.”

AIDS book pulled from school library after complaint

Central York will not remove controversial book ‘Stolen Children’ from library

According to Amazon, Stolen Children is a young adult novel. Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir does not give a level, and so I assume it is considered an “adult” book. We do not have either of these books in the Curriculum Library (though I swear I’ve seen Stolen Children around here before).

I’m always a little surprised at challenges due to “inappropriateness for age.” As I’ve mentioned before, leveling books for certain ages or grade levels is impossible. What is wrong for one student isn’t necessarily wrong for another (I was a precocious reader, and I definitely started reading more “adult” novels very young). In a library that spans six or seven grades, there will be books at all sorts of reading/content levels.

Parents, students, librarians, teachers, administrators: what is your reaction?

Thanks to American Libraries for posting these.


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