Sorry to disappoint…

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, judging from the statistics on my dashboard, quite a few people find this blog through search engines.  While I suppose this is not surprising, what is fascinating is that most of these searches are for banned books of some sort. Imagine that! Apparently, I am so far up in the Google ranking for a search like “objections to reading olive’s ocean” or “‘the stupids die’ banned” that people find this post.

Sorry,  people who randomly find this blog when searching for information on banned books. I only have that one post about banned books. I don’t have extensive resources or explanations. In fact, I found what information I did post by doing exactly what you are doing — searching for it. I hope you are not too disappointed with what you find here, and that you saw that I did briefly note my sources at the bottom of my banned books post.


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