Fun with trivia

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

This past Saturday, I had an opportunity to participate in a trivia night, benefiting the SAU Children’s Campus.  Historically I’ve been no good at trivia, though really, this is ancient history, since I think the last time I played Trivial Pursuit was in the fourth grade. But a couple of friends who have children enrolled at the Children’s Campus asked my husband and I if we’d like to play at their table, and we thought it sounded like a right good time.

I did not expect the event to be as large as it was. There were over 40 tables, with 300 people. Since the cost to participate was $10 a head, $3,400 was raised for the Fr. Welch Scholarship* and the Children’s Campus. There were also prize raffles and a 50/50 raffle (I didn’t win the coffee basket or the money!).

Competition was intense. The table next to us was in first place for the entire time. We were practically right on their heels… coming in at the final buzzer in 31st place. We did not get the coveted black balloons for last place, though. We think that table cheated and purposefully answered all the questions wrong to win that spot.

Believe it or not, I’m quite proud of our score, because the questions were darned hard! Plus, we didn’t buy any “mulligans” to artificially inflate our score — all brains, baby!

There were categories for geography, license plate mottos, politics (my specialty), sports (the area of expertise for the husbands at our table), pop music (thankfully, the other three ladies knew pop-country), movies (again, other ladies to the rescue) and toys (we were the only non-parents, so this category was right out for Chuck and I).

The event is coordinated beautifully, with runners to collect your answers, multiple judges to score, and a projection so you could see your current score after each round. Tables are allowed to bring their own food, and there was a bar available for drinks. We were there for nearly four hours, but it went so fast, it didn’t feel that long at all!

I had a wonderful time, and plan to attend in the future. If you live near the Quad Cities, you should, too!

* The Fr. Welch scholarship is for students whose parents are alumni.  Each year an incoming freshman is awarded the $1,000 scholarship and they continue to receive the $1,000 every year until they graduate. Thanks to Angie Bardsley, Assistant Director of Alumni for the statistics and explanation!



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