Books, books and more books

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s amazing how a shelf-full of books can look so much bigger when stacked on your desk.

We’re currently re-organizing the children’s and young adult sections. Previously, books were organized by a vague subject (poetry, holiday, etc.), then by author and title, all this within either the “Children’s” or “YA” sections.

For only having seven ranges of trade books, this seemed overly cumbersome. Plus, almost every single student who came in to look for a book couldn’t figure the system out. It was just too much. Plus, how does one decide just where “children’s” books end, and “young adult” book begin? I have no idea, and I don’t think anyone else does, either, since a lot of authors spanned both sections.

What all this separating amounted to is a collection that was relatively easy to browse for those classifications which were identified, but extremely hard to browse for anything else, and maddeningly inconsistent when searching for a known item. Something had to be done.

So. We have eliminated the separate “collections”, and shelving by the vague classifications. The books do now have spine labels these clasifications: holiday, math, S (for “SPED”), biography, poetry, fiction, and fairy tale/folklore, so they will still be browse-able by these classifications. All trade books are now organized by the last name of the author, then the first word of the title.

Done and done. Much simpler.


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