Never Leave Home Without It

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Never Leave Home Without It.

As I’ve been giving a number of presentations lately, I can say that all these are good recommendations. Unfortunately, I’ve learned most of these the hard way.

I would add that it is important to arrive early, if at all possible, to give yourself time to figure out and fix any problems that arise. I usually try to get to the presentation spot 45-60 minutes early, then test all of the media I plan on using. Don’t assume that just because the video worked yesterday, it will work today. Actually check that it works. If it doesn’t, and you can’t figure out how to get it to work, you should have enough time to figure out an alternative.

I also stress the note of caution in the article about using your cell phone as an Internet connection. I’m not sure about all plans, but I know that Verizon does not include the use of a cell phone as a wifi hotspot or other Internet connection in their unlimited data plan. You pay according to the amount of data… a long presentation could get pricey.



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