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August 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m sure you all know by now my love for my nook. I recently got a cute cover to put it in, which improved my adoration of it ten-fold. Today I found out about NookStudy, an application for e-textbooks.

I’m still not completely, 100% sold on digital textbooks, but I’m getting there. There are some texts I’d probably still want in a physical form, but the convenience of searching a digital text is a definite draw. (How many times have I taken a note about a passage in a book, and later not been able to locate it again due to an incorrect/missing page reference??) Now, with the likes of NookStudy, adding notes and highlighting are not only possible, but easy! I wish this had been around when I was in college (or grad school, for that matter).

With NookStudy, you can arrange content by course (Bio 101, History 101, etc.) Like the nook, there is a “now reading” feature, where you can automatically go back to the last page you read in a text. You can also choose to view two texts side-by-side, which is a nice feature– no flipping between different windows when you want to compare passages. You can preview a lot of textbooks for 7 days… yes, the entire thing (you just can’t print or copy). Plus, it syncs with your Barnes & Noble account, so after I downloaded it, all my B&N content was added to NookStudy.

I’m not yet sure how digital textbooks purchased outside B&N would work with NookStudy, but since it works with both PDF and ePub documents, I’m guessing it will work pretty well.


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