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Having been an avid GoodReads user for the past few months (how did I ever function as a reader without it??), I had a few people mention online resources which would recommend books, based on your favorites. After reading a blog post by Free Technology for Teachers, I have finally checked out

While I haven’t had too much time to play with it, I can imagine this resource being useful for me when TEP students ask for recommendations for books for their reading students.

The recommendations are entered by users. The theory is that users will only recommend books that they like, and link them to other books that they have liked, so if you look up a book, you will find others that you will also enjoy.

Some more inventive recommendations are definitely in order for some books. For example, I looked up Cam Jansen and the Boxcar Children, both of which are popular series for TEP students’ child readers to have read. However, the recommendations for these consist almost solely of other Cam Jansen and Boxcar Children books. The recommendations for Harry Potter books are better.

So, with room for improvement, go get yourself an account and improve it!


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