The Centered Librarian: The Best Book Recommendati0on Service

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Found through Stephen’s Lighthouse.


The White House

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Archived video should be posted soon. Or read the New York Times and CNN articles about the speech.

President Obama speaks about Race to the Top.

New Prezi about Goodreads

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Since I’m becoming addicted to creating the swirly-twirly presentations on Prezi, and one of our professors has asked me to give a talk on Goodreads in her first class this fall, I have created yet another Prezi!

Thanks to Jill and Jason for saying I could use the screenshots with their comments on them.

Some others have written about using GoodReads. Check out their ideas:

Literary Buss


Connected Conversations

Learn It In 5 – Home

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    • Learn it in 5 is a powerful library of how-to videos, produced by technology teachers, for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today’s 21st century’s digital classroom. These step-by-step how-to videos walk teachers through Web 2.0 technology, demonstrating how to use Web 2.0 applications like blogs, social networks, podcasts, interactive videos, wikis, slidesharing and much more.

Once again, I found this resource thanks to Free Technology for Teachers. Even though I have a feed of his posts at the bottom of this blog, I wanted to re-post this myself.

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Bib 2.0: Think B4 U Post!

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Bib2.0 has a great post here about privacy on the internet. I had no idea that face recognition software was being used this way! Forget my advice to remove tags of you from photos you’d rather not potential employers or your grandma see…

Blog, students! Blog!

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What a great way to get students engaged in their own learning.

In school, I heard of some classes where students were required to blog about the projects they were working on. They hated it. But the idea here is different. Students are creating their own resource for study, and synthesizing information so that it makes sense to them.

Fantastic! This is a great blog.

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WEBTOOLS applied to teaching

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This is a nice list of free online resources, with ideas of how to use them in class.

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