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May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s pretty easy these days to forget how pervasive social media is. I marvel that a few short years ago, I did not know what the term “blog” meant (though, in reality, I’d already had one. We just called it a “diary”).* I was long a holdout against (first) MySpace and (then) Facebook, stating that anyone I wanted to be in contact with, I already was.**

Lately, I’ve been trying to amass ideas of how to incorporate technology, and particularly social media, into the classroom. I found the statistics in this video staggering:

I have found and posted some ideas previously about social media, but here is the motherload. Besides just giving examples, there are links to posts of people who have actually used social media in such a way in their classroom. Also, beyond the usual “follow famous people” or “send messages and updates,” there are more interesting ideas, such as “learn probablility” and “track a word or phrase” (to see its popular usage).

Thanks to Free Technology for Teachers for posting these resources.

*Anyone remember

**Oh, how silly I was!


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