Social Networking, for better and for worse

April 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Today’s college students cannot stay away from social media, or their various gadgets. After completing a 24 hour assignment to stay away from media, including social networking sites, video games, television, phones and iPods, many students came to the realization that their dependency on media is close to addiction.

If it wasn’t for my dependency on computers and the Internet at work, I think I could actually make it a few days without media. I’m not a big TV watcher, and I don’t do much on the computer outside of work, since by the time I get home, I’m sick of looking at a screen. The only people I call or text on a regular basis are family, and they mostly live close enough that I could just run by their house to see if they are home. However, I would definitely miss the blogs I read daily, and listening to NPR in my car.

How long do you think you could make it without media?

On another note, high school students in New Jersey used Facebook to organize protests to budget cuts. Will the easy access to media 24/7 end up making a more informed, more politically active citizenry? I hope so, or we’ll end up with this for real:



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