Chewy, Gooey, Rumble, Plop

March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I saw this book mentioned as an award winner for children’s science books.  The title sounded interesting, if a little gross, and the fact that it was a pop-up book about digestion sealed the deal.  OK, actually it wasn’t the pop-up book part, but the review I read that described the life-like tongue that is attached to the cover.  EEEEEEWWWWWWW! Had to have it.

This book is absolutely perfect for younger elementary children (say, 8 or 9) that are obsessed with bodily functions and things on the gross-o-meter.  Besides the life-like tongue, there’s plenty of pop-ups that explain how food travels through the digestive system, where burps come from, and why we vomit.  The last page depicts a boy sitting on a toilet (the “plop” from the title), and has fun information about the history of bathrooms and their predecessors.

I definitely walked around the department and made people look at it (and touch the tongue) when it arrived.



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