Princess Grace

March 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

A short while ago, the Curriculum Library received a box of materials called Families all Matter.  It includes a curriculum guide, and three children’s books each on a variety of subjects–  including gay/lesbian families, divorce, and adoption, among others. I read most of the books as I was processing them, and was pleased with the subject matter and quality of the writing and illustrations.

When the books for our recent Scholastic book fair arrived, I noticed that one of the books was written by Mary Hoffman, the same author as a book from the Families set. The book is titled Princess Grace. On the cover is a picture of a smiling girl dressed in a pink princess costume, topped with a tiara.

This did not seem appealing.

I generally try to avoid books that depict girls in stereotypical roles. The picture on the cover did not bode well, but from the other book I had read by Mary Hoffman, I expected the book to be more substantial, and carry an empowering message.

It is, and it does. The book starts out with Grace wanting to be a pretty, pretty princess in a fluffy pink dress. But through the course of the story, she discovers that princesses can be different: they can be strong, they can be smart, the can be brave. And still be princesses.

This is a fantastic book to share with young girls.



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